pivot on sat tv

A new channel on direct tv, Pivot, new show, Take Part Live.  The talking heads are all younger than the number of years I’ve been working on and with the internet, but you’d  never guess it if you watched the show.  Watched it tonight, not, recording or staying up to watch it again.  I DID set the recorder to record the program before it though.  The premiere episode of FARSCAPE.  I was a Farscape fan, back in the day, and had never seen the premiere. I’ll record the following weeks until I get to the ones I’ve seen.

Cold end of July

Well,  looking back over a few of my posts,  I notice that I mentioned it getting cold in August last year and that, causing a short summer.   Well,  since then  it got cold in JULY!  I’ve been wearing a sheatshirt or jacket for over a week now,  and have even thought about lighting the Jotul stove a few nights.   This would be pretty nice weather,  IF IT WAS MID-SEPTEMBER.

I did get out Walleye fishing yesterday though.  Not that I got any bites,   but it was a great day to be fishing.  Mostly cloud, with a brisk breeze blowing out of the south.  Where I was fishing, North of Point Au Gres,  I could just point the boat north,  shut down the engine,  and get 1.2 to 1.5 miles per hour using the wind.  After a relaxing drift,  (no bites) I powered back up and trolled into the waves at 1.8 mph for a while,  to set up another drift run.   The three runs took nearly 4 hrs,  and though I got to relax and enjoy the day,  there were no hungry fish, even though the fish finder was littered with fish sign.  I wore my sweatshirt the whole trip too.  IN LATE JULY!

Hopefully summer will come back in August,  we’re planning a trip on Michigan’s Inland Waterway for mid August.  From Cheboygan on Lake Huron,  up the river all the way to Alanson,  about 5 miles by land,  from Lake Michigan.

It’s been busy

My tracking site says I’m getting a hit or so a week,   and I guess that’s not to bad, considering the rate I’ve been posting.   Sorry if you’ve been looking for new content here.

I’ve be quite tied up with,,,  basically just day to day living.  I haven’t found the time to do much blogging.   I don’t see many changes in the near future,  but you might find an occasional thought of two getting jotted down.

Long Live the Republic!!

summer is slow to come

Here we are real close to July, and we’re still getting late spring weather. Hot stormy days and cool nights. We’ve only had the air conditioning on for one night during June. Now if the weather turns cold in mid August like it has for the past 2 years or so, that will make a pretty short summer here in northern Michigan.

late boating this year

I’ve got the aluminum boat sitting at the dock, but I have to go out 5 or 7 times a day and clear away the brush, logs, and trash. The muddy water is rushing downriver, carrying everthing but the kitchen sink.  I’ve heard that Walleye are being caught out in the Bay, but I’m not willing to submit my big boat to the possible damage.

Looks like it’s going to be June before the SportCraft hits the water this summer.  And who knows how long, if these rain storms keep washing half of middle Michigan down the river into the Bay. But then, I’m not complaining to hard, cause we DO need the water.

Gar Pike and Mud Puppies Ahah!

We have been noticing mulitple Gar Pike swimming under and around our boat dock.   At the bottom of the post is a photo I took of one of the seven different Gar Pike that were swimming around today.  There was a big bass trying to spawn right about where this guy is surfacing for air,   but it looks like they chased her off.   It’s nice to see them around again,  we haven’t seen one since they last dredged the river.

And speaking of dredging,  they are currently dredging the channel at the AuGres Yacht Club.  Do do so,  they had to build a dam,  drain out the water and  then dig out the muck.   The DNR had rules about this,  one being that all the fish had to be collected and moved over the dam to the river.   Right now,  the water in the channel is very low,  and a few fish have been moved,  today,  I noticed a bunch of turtles,  and  a MUD PUPPY,mudpuppy
I haven’t seen a Mud Puppie in years,  I hope they have to save him also.

I didn’t get a photo of the Mr. Mud Puppy,  so the above is a clip art.

water 003