Mint Mate 17

Since I couldn’t get Mint Cinnamon to work correctly on the XP box, I contacted tech. Support and they suggested I use Mint Mate 17,  thinking that my video card isn’t up to snuff.  The Mate 17 disk is now in the mail.  I also have the option of updating the video card, but first I’ll see how I like “Mate”.

My other tech issue is it’s time to dump Direct TV!  $100 a month for TV is killing me!(that’s without any premium channels).  The big problem is , we get basically nothing on an over the air antennae.  I’m looking at Amazon prime, but I’m running into initial problems getting it onto the big TV.  Same goes for Hulu and the others,  I guess I’ll pull the big job out tomorrow and see if it has an empty hdmi port in the back, it doesn’t have one in front.





I gave Comodo a fair trial, and it didn’t turn out so hot.  My XP box got so slow on the Internet that it wasn’t use able.  I tried contacting their tech support, but to no avail.  I wound up taking it off and installing Outpost along with Avast av.  They still slow things down a bit, but it’s use able now anyway.  I suppose It’s still not safe using XP, but the Linux Mint Cd didn’t work either.  I’m now trying Ubuntu, but it seems awfully slow.  What a pain!  Why did MS abandon us?  I think I’m getting closer to buying a new machine…….  :-(

Ticks, Ticks, and more ticks!!!!!

We just got back from an extended stay at Northerthan.   The Tick population has  exploded over our very cold winter.  (contrary to what all the “experts” said)

Bottom Line:  If you even as much as drive though the Pigeon River Elk viewing area,  you’ll probably wind up with a tick crawling on you somewhere,  and if you get out of the car,  you might have multiple ticks.   The Mosquito problem is nearly as bad.   I’ve never seen so many mosquito’s in one place.

We learned to use Permethrins on our clothes and Deet on our bodies.  It’s to only way to stay somewhat tick free.

I just don’t know what ever happened to the Michigan I grew up in.  When I was a kid, we could play outside alll day,  and never find a tick or chigger,  and only a few mosquito bites,  (except after a rain).

And here’s a great link that talks about Permethrin’s and Deet  as tick repellents

Tech. Byte:  I’m typing this from my old XP pro box.  I suppose it’s going to have to go away soon.   I have Ubuntu and Mint disc’s to try out,  leaning towards Mint.  I’ve been keeping the old XP box locked offline with my firewall,  unless I absolutely need to do something online with it.  I’ll open the firewall for long enough to complete my task then lock it back down again,  and I’ve been doing my finances on a Linux laptop    It has been working fairly well that way. Today I updated ZoneAlarm (on XP) at their request,  and they secretly install Microsoft NET !   I’ve been keeping that off the old box,  but not any longer.  And of course,  NOW IT”S SLOWER THAN MOLASSES ON THE INTERNET.

UPDATE:  I uninstalled Zone Alarm after learning that it’s crashing XP boxes everywhere,  and now I have Comodo firewall and Anti-virus.   The old box seems to be running better now,  and is definitely  better protected.

WWII cigarettes

I mentioned in a previous post,  that if I ever found the Japanese cigarettes that were taken off the body of the Japanese sniper who shot my Dad on Truk Island,  I’d post a picture of them.

Well,  I found them today,  here they are along with what I assume to be a couple of rolled cigarette holders.   They are approximately 74 years old and have traveled more than half way around the world.  If anyone can read Japanese,  maybe you could translate the markings on them for me.

Just can find the story of the cigarettes here,

WWII cigs

getting back to basics

I finished my experiment with dune buggies the other day.  (I sold mine).  The main reasons I sold it were, 1.  I know very little about volkswagons.  2.  They don’t make very good off road machines when there are large mud puddles.

Having finished that experience,  I turned around and bought a Jeep!  I haven’t owned a Jeep in a lot of years,  but I do know them inside and out.   This little Jeep will be the perfect vehicle for bombing around northern Micigan.   Stay tuned for a picture.

P.S.on this may 6th 2014, many of Michigan’s northern lakes are STILL ice covered, and shipping is still hazardous or impossible due to ice on the northern Great Lakes. Global Warming?

Book is live on

Ok,  I’ve got my first little book live on  it looks like the below cut and paste.

you can find it here  

“It’s called Life’s Adventures, as told in short stories”.  And all of the stories are based on true stories, with some literary license.  You can get it for free if you have Amazon Prime,  and if you don’t have Prime,  they made me charge $1 for it.  This was the warm up,  I’ve current started my second book,  which is a true adventure,  (with literary license).  The second  book will be full sized,  (lot’s of pages),  so it will take a while.  It will be called,  “The Story of Sputnik”,  and I don’t intend to get rich off of it either.