Typing on the Xoom

Well, my new\used used Xoom has arrived, ( in like new condition) , with all the android updates completed.  I love it.  It’s build for the American market, not the Chinese, like my wife’s was,  so I didn’t even have to Gedify it.  It also has the Verizon chip installed, but I’m not yet sure whether I’ll enable it.  Oh,  and it’s a ton easier to type on than my Kindle.  Once I get used to it, I’ll likely root it and install a firewall, so it will truly be mine.


Winter is here, especially up Norther Than

We closed up the new place a couple of days before Christmas,  but a  had a good couple of weeks there before we did.  SNOW,  Snow and more snow!  Everyday there we got at least 3 inches,  and over 10 inches one evening.  And it was Cold!  All the locals said it was a early winter this year,  and I guess they probably know.   Looking forward to getting back up there sometime in March,  Lot’s of exploring,  and a little building to do.

P.S.  Look forward to a post about the new/used Motorala Xoom that I ordered.  Of all the tablets I’ve seen,  the Xoom my wife has stands with or above all of them, so that was the obvious choice for me,  when my Kindle Fire,  falls a bit short.   And Speaking of Technology,  I finally got my old Toshiba Sattelite  laptop running functionally again.  I went through about 5 or six more OS’s,  finally stumbling onto installing Knoppix 7.2 on the hard drive.   I have to say,  it runs as good as it did when it was new and running Win XP.

Norther Than

Norther Than:

That’s what I call our place,  cause it’s about as far north as you can get without crossing the Mackinac Bridge.  Actually about 25 miles south,  but definitely in the snow belt.  We got a lot of work done  on the place, in the last to weeks,  and there’s a lot more to be done.  And mile after mile of exploration,  and ELK !!

fading into obscurity

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Thinking, maybe, NORTHER

We just completed a 2 week trip into the northern lower penninsula.   Leelanau Pennisula and Wolverine to be specific.  While in Wolverine,  I spent some time in the quail woods,  just me and my little German Shorthair.   While hiking up to a large wolf tree in the pine forest,  shortly after Roxie kicked up  a pair of Partridge,  I had  a what may have been a flash of understanding,  an epiphany,  (if you like that word).

As I watched Roxie working the Pats,  and admired the witchy looking wolf tree out there in the middle of those loosely spaced pines,  I begin to think,,  maybe,,  I’m not a “water man”.   I’m a bit slow to change,  but,  this was a strong flash that hit me.  I felt so very at home and comfortable there in the north woods,  more so that when I’m in the Sportcraft out on the big water. I came to the water,  quite late in life, always living in or near the deep woods before the move.  I’ve had this feeling before,  but like I said,  I’m sometimes slow to change.

This will take some deep thought, and likely more trips Norther,  but,  I`d say,  there might be a possibility of some kind of location/life change coming.

Michigan Inland Waterway

We just completed our 1st trip up (and down) Michigan’s Inland Waterway,    stretching from Cheboygan  to Pickeral Lake (80 miles on the water).  Most of the river sections are no wake,  except for the Crooked River, Mullet Lake, and Burt Lake.   The Crooked is just that,  and it was a blast.   We held the speed down to 25 mph,  but some of the switch backs were to tight to get a 25 ft boat around at 25 mph.   I’ll try to add some pictures when I get them sorted out.  All in all,  we spent about 14 hours on the water,  over two days.   It’s a trip I’d highly recommend if you can swing it.