A few years back,  this site went dark, mostly because the the spreading Darkness.   I gradually brought back some informational posts,  but cut way back on new posts,  and in the process lost nearly all of my readers.   No big deal!   Now,  Darkness seems to be growing,  and I’m in the process of deciding whether or not to close the site down.  At any rate,  I’m shopping for a commercial grade firewall for my internet connection.  They seem to be fairly reasonably priced on ebay.  If you wonder what I’m talking about,  follow some of the links on my “Daily Reads”.  There are Dark thoughts moving in high places,  and I don’t really want to be affected by them if possible.  I’m nearly ready to make my internet connection a one way street.  Just say’n  .

What happens when you get stuck and it’s Zero degrees

About 3 weeks ago I had to go out to do some quick business.   It was below zero,  but, business has to be done.   Well,  the car got warmed up and I decided to drive down to the boat launch to look out at the Bay.  Unfortunately the road at the boat launch park was only plowed part way,  and when I came to the part that was unplowed there wasn’t enough room to turn around.   I tried and got stuck.    I had to walk about 3/4 of a mile back to the house to get the truck  I had winter shoes on,  but still by the time I got back to the house,  the toes on my right foot were frostbitten.  For the record,  this is what they look like 3 weeks after the event.  The black out sides have pretty much turned to deep red,  (ingnore the two ink pens separating them)   They look better than this most of the time,  most of the redness goes away,  and they’re kind of tender,  but it looks like I’m going to get to keep them.  I just heard from a friend downstate that his snowplow got one his fingers permanently!   Be careful out there,  accidents are just waiting to jump out and grab you.R7o7 cam 007

Recommended Books

I’ve been reading a series of books by Matthew Bracken.   I can tell you these books are page turners.The books are “Enemies,  Foreign and Domestic”   ,Enemies,  The Reconqista, Aztlan“,   Foreign Enemies, and Traitors” .   Then I have a fourth book by Matthew also downloaded called “Castigo Cay” .   So far I’ve finished Foreign and Domestic,  and am half way through Reconquista.   They are well written with original storylines,  (if somewhat down on big governemt).  They are fiction,  somewhat based on reality and  also in my opinion seem to be somewhat prophetic,  in a dark sort of way.   There’s shooting, spying, loving, hope and hopelessness..   I’d recommend Foreign and Domestic or Castigo Cay,  if you’ve never read a Matthew Bracken Book.

My previous reads were by D.J. Molles,  first in a series,  called “The Remaining”  book one,  and “The Remaining, Refugee’s” book two.  D.J. has a whole series of these books, fictionally following the fall of the United States after a virus turns the majority of the population into Zombie like savages.   These books are also page turners.   I might continue the series at a later date.   If you like the TV series “Walking Dead”  these will be right up your alley,  whereas “24” might be -a little- in the line of “Enemies”.

Just paid my property taxes

The winter taxes that is.   Supposedly the lower of the two times a year I have to pay them.   A quick calculation,  informs me,  that I now pay 27 percent of my yearly income in property taxes.   I have one simple question:   How,  in a country that began with a revolution over taxes,  can I now be paying 27 percent of my income in property taxes alone??   Something seems very wrong with that picture.

Slipping quietly along

Yep,  I’m staying pretty quiet.   Mostly for what I perceive to be my own good.  Things are still drifting  toward darkness in this country,  and that’s about all I got to say about that.

On another front,  I’ve been working on my old Compaq IPaq,  HX4700.    It’s running a 2003 version of Windows palm OS.  Prettty dated.   But I noticed on the XDA forum that people have been updating them with modern OS’s.  I took a shot at it,  but I didn’t have much luck.    It looks like the people doing the ROM’s have pulled them offline,  and some of them are trying to sell them,  (on Ebay). And there’s a sharp kid somewhere in Northern Europe,  that will take a $10 EUR donation for a supposedly very good ROM that he’s built for it.   But this I think all of this data may be pretty much outdated,  cause the “sharp kid”  doesn’t answer questions put to him.   I’ve seen some of his work,  and would be temped to donate the $10 EUR, (If I could figure out how) and if he’d answer a few questions about installing it.   I can get my Ipaq to connect to the PC over USB,  but could not get the bootloader to run.  Oh well,  it makes a halfway decent desktop clock\calender like it is,  and I probably don’t need it to do anything else anyway.

Now it’s woodstoves

It almost seems like the “anti’s” almost have a sort of radar on me.  I’ve been looking for a wood stove for our “Norther than” cabin.  What do I find,,, that the EPA is considering banning nearly every wood stove currently in existence.  They want everyone to replace their wood stove, with an expensive EPA approved ( read that as none-working) wood combustion device.  I’ve read the reviews on a few of them.  They take hours to heat up,  don’t draft worth a crap,  and put out very little heat without an electric fan installed.  Not to mention, they are hard to get lit.  AND some municipalities are banning wood burning all together.

Now,,, I’m not to worried about someone in northern Michigan telling me I can’t use a wood stove to keep warm on a sub-zero night,  but I might get a little worried about the trajectory of the bullets that might start flying,  if some idiot did start spouting that trash.

We have a natural gas fired secondary stove downstate,  mainly because natural gas is fairly reasonably priced , and it allows us to heat only the part of the house we’re in.   At Northern than,  we don’t have natural gas , we have propane,  quite a bit more expensive, but there is wood everywhere.  The EPA means to act by 2015,  so I guess I’d better get moving on that wood stove.  Like I mentioned, I can’t imaging, an “anti” coming to the frozen north and telling us we can’t burn wood, but, I can see them making a real wood stove very hard to get and very expensive .  Ain’t PROGRESS GRAND.