Gar Pike and Mud Puppies Ahah!

We have been noticing mulitple Gar Pike swimming under and around our boat dock.   At the bottom of the post is a photo I took of one of the seven different Gar Pike that were swimming around today.  There was a big bass trying to spawn right about where this guy is surfacing for air,   but it looks like they chased her off.   It’s nice to see them around again,  we haven’t seen one since they last dredged the river.

And speaking of dredging,  they are currently dredging the channel at the AuGres Yacht Club.  Do do so,  they had to build a dam,  drain out the water and  then dig out the muck.   The DNR had rules about this,  one being that all the fish had to be collected and moved over the dam to the river.   Right now,  the water in the channel is very low,  and a few fish have been moved,  today,  I noticed a bunch of turtles,  and  a MUD PUPPY,mudpuppy
I haven’t seen a Mud Puppie in years,  I hope they have to save him also.

I didn’t get a photo of the Mr. Mud Puppy,  so the above is a clip art.

water 003

A Lie, makes a Liar!

And the only time I’ll listen to a liar,  is for occasional entertainment.   When the government lies,  I don’t see it as entertainment.  Once a person or group has lied,  I have lots of trouble believing anything further  that they may distribute.  That includes,  lying individuals,  lying governments,  lying politicians  ,  and lying news people.

Oh,  and Yes,  Hillory,  it does make a difference!


Area report on Ammo availability

Just in case anyone is wondering:

I’ve been checking ammo availability around AuGres, Michigan.   One sporting goods store up town has about 5 sandwich bags with around 25 rounds of .22 long rifle for $8 a bag,  and about 4 boxes of off brand 9mm ammo, for $40 a box.

The other store  has a better selection,  with 50 round boxes of .22 ammo,  in a few different brands,  starting at $9.95 each,  and a pretty good selection of center fire hunting ammo,  starting at pretty close to $40 for a box of 20.  (In case you can’t interpred that,  it means $2 a round for .30-.30 ammo,  and about .20 cents a round for .22 long rifle.

Driving 25 miles to the closest larger town in either direction, Does Not improve the availability or the price.

What’s going on,  you might ask?  Well I heard today,  that the Obama government is buying up everything they can and destroying what they don’t have room to store.  And ya know what,  I tend to believe some variation of that story.

Flooding AuGres Style

The other day I posted the picture of how low the water is in the river,  and today,  I have one of what it looks like when it floods.  From all the rain over the last couple of days,  the river is up about 3 feet,  but still not nearly as high as we’d love to have for the normal levels.

If you compare this one to the one in the previous post ,  you should be able to see the difference the flooding has made.  Unfortunately I don’t expect it to last long,  or bring the Bay up much.

floodwater 001

My thoughts today

I’ve been hearing a lot on the boob tube about the Catholic Church not wanting to bend to (what some think is public opinion), that same sex marriages  should be recognized by the  church.  And of course I’ve heard as much about (supposedly) the majority of Americans want the  the Second Ammendment thrown in the Trash,  and think that the Constitution no longer needs to be followed, because its old.

(Note:  I’m a heterosexual gunny,  and not a Catholic)

Both ideas are so very wrong for the fabric of this nation.   The Church has not existed for all these years to bow to the wishes of a few people.   And the Second Ammendment,  has   kept us free for over 200 years.  Neither can be subjected to the will of a few politico’s.  Neither can be bent for the will of a few,  or even the will of many.

If the Church bends on this,   they will cease to exist as a church.   If the Consitution and Bill of Rights are subverted,  this country will cease to exist as the “Home of the Brave and Land of the Free”

Shame on Connecticut and Colorado.

Water’s still getting lower

Ok,  the other day we modified the neighbor’s boat dock,  so he be able to get his boat docked in these low water conditions.  (That’s if he can get the boat up the river, to the dock)

We put an 8 ft wooden platform in between the floating dock and the seawall.   When we were finished,  the water was just touching the edge of the seawall,  and he had 3.5 ft on the water side of his dock,  enough (barely) to dock his boat.

We get up this morning and it looks like this.  The floating docks are sitting in the mud, and he has about 1 ft of water in front of the dock, where the boat would normally sit.

By the way,  NOTICE the water marks on the seawall!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s starting to look like a very poor boating/fishing season this year.