another epiphany

I’ve come to understand why I don’t like,  while Kevin Baker over at  does like it, in fact he seems to thrive there.

I believe I study the truth nearly as much as Kevin does,  but I study it and use it to form my opinions.  Kevin studies it, and uses it to form arguments to support the truth.  I’ve always wanted a mind that works like Kevin’s, but I also dislike arguing,  so I guess it all works out in the end.

I just wish the administrators at quora would do their job, so I could delete my account!

Kind of looking forward to “ice-out” this spring

It’s been a few years since the ice has gone out of the river with any authority.  We seen a few nasty ice-outs, but not lately.  This years there’s a lot of ice,  at least two feet,, if it thaws , breaks up, and flows out quickly,  it will be a sight to see, and hear.  Hopefully the ice flows will stay inside the seawalls.   I’ll make an effort to get pictures posted, if there’s anything to take them of.

Gone for a while

Yeah,  I thought this site was gone,   but now it’s back.   I learned a lesson about back up though.  If you pop over to Port GreyBeard  you’ll find my backup site.  Far from everything will be found there,  but I’ll try to get what is important to me backed up over there.

Just for the record,  here’s a few of them.

December 7th

We  lose a few more  everyday

I guess I come by it naturally

Old Model 67 Winchester

Dad at the Battle of Midway

A quote by Calvin Coolidge

Farewell Barkley

Today I read the blog at Home on the Range,  and learned of Barkley’s passing.   I’ve never met Barkley in dog/person,  but knew him a bit from reading the blog.   His life and his passing, so mirrored that of my rotteweiler ,  Grifter RavenClaw,  that it easily brought tears to my eyes.  From what I knew of Barkley,  he was as much like Grifter, as a Black Lab,  can be like a Rottweiler,  right down to their unexpecting passing due to bone cancer.

I feel terrible for Brigid,  but I know she’ll get though it in time.  Anyone who’s lost a companion like that,  takes a bit of time to get over their passing.  And Brigid,  I’m sure you know how lucky you both were to find each other for Barkley’s time on earth.

Grifter,  Gone but not forgotten.

Grifter, Gone but not forgotten.

 The above painting looks over our dining room, and was painted by Kimberly Santini ,  while Griffy was still alive.   She on the web at A DOG A DAY .    You can read Grifter’s story here from 2009.


A few years back,  this site went dark, mostly because the the spreading Darkness.   I gradually brought back some informational posts,  but cut way back on new posts,  and in the process lost nearly all of my readers.   No big deal!   Now,  Darkness seems to be growing,  and I’m in the process of deciding whether or not to close the site down.  At any rate,  I’m shopping for a commercial grade firewall for my internet connection.  They seem to be fairly reasonably priced on ebay.  If you wonder what I’m talking about,  follow some of the links on my “Daily Reads”.  There are Dark thoughts moving in high places,  and I don’t really want to be affected by them if possible.  I’m nearly ready to make my internet connection a one way street.  Just say’n  .

What happens when you get stuck and it’s Zero degrees

About 3 weeks ago I had to go out to do some quick business.   It was below zero,  but, business has to be done.   Well,  the car got warmed up and I decided to drive down to the boat launch to look out at the Bay.  Unfortunately the road at the boat launch park was only plowed part way,  and when I came to the part that was unplowed there wasn’t enough room to turn around.   I tried and got stuck.    I had to walk about 3/4 of a mile back to the house to get the truck  I had winter shoes on,  but still by the time I got back to the house,  the toes on my right foot were frostbitten.  For the record,  this is what they look like 3 weeks after the event.  The black out sides have pretty much turned to deep red,  (ingnore the two ink pens separating them)   They look better than this most of the time,  most of the redness goes away,  and they’re kind of tender,  but it looks like I’m going to get to keep them.  I just heard from a friend downstate that his snowplow got one his fingers permanently!   Be careful out there,  accidents are just waiting to jump out and grab you.R7o7 cam 007