It’s still cold!

It’s still to cold to venture outside much,  and I seem to be getting a bit of a sore throat, But,   I think I noticed something on my desk that may help with that.

And I found something I like to do with Dad’s old Model 8 Remington.  Probably cheaper than buying a new Scout Rifle.  That magazine holds 6000 grains of .35 cal. lead.



Sold Red.

Well,  Red,  (the Jeep) has been sold.  I lost a little money on it, but I’m comfortable with the alternative,  (Black).  I did wind up putting $780 into the clutch on Black,  but it shifts like a sporty car now.  Black also now has it’s bigger tires.  We’ve had a lot of fun running northern trails, and saw a few Elk,  and there’s miles and miles of new stuff to explore.  “All Those Who Wander,  Are Not Lost!”

And a follow up on the Ruger 22/45.   An hour or so of internet searching learned me that a solid whack on the bottom of the magazine after insertion,  will seat it properly and cure the feeding problems.  If it was a carry gun,  I’d send it back,  but I can live with it on a plinker.  I also found a site that talks about how to actually fix the problem,  (maybe Ruger should have done that)

what is going on with new gun quality control??

I’ve purchased or won three new guns in the last year.  A Benelli 20 gauge pump, a Remington 770 in .308, and a Ruger 45/22 .22 caliber pistol.  None of the three of them were functional when I got home.  The Benelli had to be sent back to the factory TWICE!  Before it would function.  The Remington had  two separate problems,  ( I won it, not bought it). I found how to fix the most serious problem on YouTube, but returned it with the other problem still intact.      I traded it for the new Ruger.  Today I own a non functional Ruger pistol.  It needs to go back to the gunsmith/dealer, before it can be fired. (About  a 75 mile drive)  Benelli, Remington, and Ruger!  What ever happened to quality control??  Or for that matter checking out a gun before you sell it??

Recommended Books

I’ve been reading a series of books by Matthew Bracken.   I can tell you these books are page turners.The books are “Enemies,  Foreign and Domestic”   ,Enemies,  The Reconqista, Aztlan“,   Foreign Enemies, and Traitors” .   Then I have a fourth book by Matthew also downloaded called “Castigo Cay” .   So far I’ve finished Foreign and Domestic,  and am half way through Reconquista.   They are well written with original storylines,  (if somewhat down on big governemt).  They are fiction,  somewhat based on reality and  also in my opinion seem to be somewhat prophetic,  in a dark sort of way.   There’s shooting, spying, loving, hope and hopelessness..   I’d recommend Foreign and Domestic or Castigo Cay,  if you’ve never read a Matthew Bracken Book.

My previous reads were by D.J. Molles,  first in a series,  called “The Remaining”  book one,  and “The Remaining, Refugee’s” book two.  D.J. has a whole series of these books, fictionally following the fall of the United States after a virus turns the majority of the population into Zombie like savages.   These books are also page turners.   I might continue the series at a later date.   If you like the TV series “Walking Dead”  these will be right up your alley,  whereas “24” might be -a little- in the line of “Enemies”.

Sold one, ordered another

The Glock is gone.  It was a good gun,  but I just didn’t need it anymore.  I hope it’s new owner get’s good usage out of it.  When I dropped off the Glock,  there was a Ruger 22/45 sitting on the gunsmith’s desk waiting for a repair.   I had seen them online and thought that it would be nice to have one.  Since they are a .22 long rifle handgun  designed to operate and feel like a 1911,  I figured it would be a low cost way to practice,  rather than always burning .45’s in my Sig 1911.  Since  I had the opportunity to handle the gun,  I like it,  and I had the cash for the Glock,  I went ahead and ordered one.


This is it,  but with wood grips,  I  hope.   It seems that it was backordered.  :-(    I had heard that there was  a shortage of everything gun,  but this was my first first hand experience with it.  There was no word when it will be available,  but hopefully not too long.


In the second pictue is the new aluminum framed 22/45 Lite,  with it’s 4.5 inch barrel, (a very good match for my Sig).


In the third picture,  you can see the difference between the standard Ruger MK3’s grip and that of the 22/45’s.