About Greybeard

What I know, I know well, what I want to know, I try to learn well, despite those who would rather I didn't. And from here on, I think I'll keep some of what I know, to myself. And we're approaching the time, that "some" will be changed to "most".

“Life’s Adventures” updated

I updated my little Amazon ebook titled “Life’s Adventures”.  I added in most of the stuff I had written for my first full sized book.  It turns out that writing a book is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.  I don’t mind the work,  but the time,  more and more gets to be a limited commodity.  If you own the book (all 3 of you), you can get the updated version by visiting Amazon.com and the “manage your content page”.   I think you just find the book in your content,  then redeliver it.

NOTE:  It may not be that easy cause I had a heck of  time getting my copy to update.  You want Version 3.

You can find “Life’s Adventures Here”

The mostly true, short stories currently included are:

  • The Charter Captain
  • Once upon a Time
  • Uncle Billy
  • The Slaver Mansion by Beaver Lake
  • A Southern Boy
  • The Story of Sputnik,  the dog.
  • A Grampa Story






Internet Michigan Sales Tax BOOOOOO!

I heard the other day that our wonderful state government has voted to add an Internet Sales tax on all purchases made over the Internet from Michigan.  NOTE:  They only what to punish Michigan residence for using the Internet.  I think this great new law goes into effect on the 1st of 2015.   The effects this will have?

* It’s supposed to make the state millions of dollars in tax money.  Which will likely be sqaundered away  like our other hard earned tax dollars.

*It will definately cut back on the business online companies do in Michigan.

*It add’s just one more avenue for the state and the feds  to get their sneaky little hands into our pockets.

As for me,  I will weigh the costs of all purchases after Jan. 1st.,  and if I can’t save a few bucks on the Internet.  I will either not buy,  or wait until I can find it locally.

Gmail new is Not better!

I’ve been using Gmail since it’s beginning.  When they did the big update, I hated it, and forced my android devices back to the old version.  Since then I’ve been cruising happily along, until I got tricked into updating the app.  With the current update it appears that I can’t force it back to the older version.  So,,  I guess I’m in the market for a new email client.  Or I guess I could just use the web version, like I do on my PC.


Sold Red.

Well,  Red,  (the Jeep) has been sold.  I lost a little money on it, but I’m comfortable with the alternative,  (Black).  I did wind up putting $780 into the clutch on Black,  but it shifts like a sporty car now.  Black also now has it’s bigger tires.  We’ve had a lot of fun running northern trails, and saw a few Elk,  and there’s miles and miles of new stuff to explore.  “All Those Who Wander,  Are Not Lost!”

And a follow up on the Ruger 22/45.   An hour or so of internet searching learned me that a solid whack on the bottom of the magazine after insertion,  will seat it properly and cure the feeding problems.  If it was a carry gun,  I’d send it back,  but I can live with it on a plinker.  I also found a site that talks about how to actually fix the problem,  (maybe Ruger should have done that)