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What I know, I know well, what I want to know, I try to learn well, despite those who would rather I didn't. And from here on, I think I'll keep some of what I know, to myself. And we're approaching the time, that "some" will be changed to "most".

Book is live on Amazon.com

Ok,  I’ve got my first little book live on Amazon.com  it looks like the below cut and paste.

you can find it here  

“It’s called Life’s Adventures, as told in short stories”.  And all of the stories are based on true stories, with some literary license.  You can get it for free if you have Amazon Prime,  and if you don’t have Prime,  they made me charge $1 for it.  This was the warm up,  I’ve current started my second book,  which is a true adventure,  (with literary license).  The second  book will be full sized,  (lot’s of pages),  so it will take a while.  It will be called,  ”The Story of Sputnik”,  and I don’t intend to get rich off of it either.

Thoughts on the weather

I just want to put one small thought in your head before I start my post.   “Global Warming”

Ok,  now that we have that out of the way,,,   I just called my contact up at “NortherThan”, to see what the weather and roads have been like up there.   We’re considering taking our first spring trip up there.  Last time I was by the Cabin,  it was almost covered in snow.  There were at least 4 and a half feet of snow where the driveway  was supposed to be,  and at least 3 and a half on the roof.  You couldn’t tell were the yard ended and the front porch deck started.and the front door was blocked half way up by a level 4 feet.

Consider that the road is only plowed once in a while,  and they got eight inches last night according to my contact.  The temperature tonight is supposed to be near Zero.  It will be APRIL in a couple of days!

Anyway,  we’re still going.  If we can shovel an area big enough to get the truck out of the road and a path to the door,  we’ll stay.  If not,  I guess we’ll have a nice drive,  it’s supposed to be sunny and 30 on the day we’re traveling.

a book?

Yep it looks like I’m going to join a bunch of other bloggers and write a book.  I’ve thought about it for a while,  and I guess it’s time.

Actually I have two releases in mind to release on the Kindle Books program,  with a couple of chapters finished on both of them.  The first will be called.  ”Life’s Adventures, as told in short storys”.  It’s going to be taken from fantasized real life adventures and in varying degrees of fantasy, some of the story’s will be truer than others.

The second book,  will be called “The Story of Sputnik the Dog”. It will be 95 percent a true story.  It will include a lot of adventurous family history, and the story of how an old farm dog saved my life one day down in Arkansas.

I don’t expect to sell a lot of copies of either,  and will do the Amazon 5 day free promotion as soon as I can after publishing them.  I’ll also price them very reasonably. I figure at the least I can download copies for myself.

If you look closely you might just find small parts of the books in the past pages of this blog.  I’ll post links to the books after they’re published.

another epiphany

I’ve come to understand why I don’t like www.quora.com,  while Kevin Baker over at www.smallestminority.blogspot.com.  does like it, in fact he seems to thrive there.

I believe I study the truth nearly as much as Kevin does,  but I study it and use it to form my opinions.  Kevin studies it, and uses it to form arguments to support the truth.  I’ve always wanted a mind that works like Kevin’s, but I also dislike arguing,  so I guess it all works out in the end.

I just wish the administrators at quora would do their job, so I could delete my account!

Kind of looking forward to “ice-out” this spring

It’s been a few years since the ice has gone out of the river with any authority.  We seen a few nasty ice-outs, but not lately.  This years there’s a lot of ice,  at least two feet,, if it thaws , breaks up, and flows out quickly,  it will be a sight to see, and hear.  Hopefully the ice flows will stay inside the seawalls.   I’ll make an effort to get pictures posted, if there’s anything to take them of.

Gone for a while

Yeah,  I thought this site was gone,   but now it’s back.   I learned a lesson about back up though.  If you pop over to Port GreyBeard  you’ll find my backup site.  Far from everything will be found there,  but I’ll try to get what is important to me backed up over there.

Just for the record,  here’s a few of them.

December 7th


We  lose a few more  everyday


I guess I come by it naturally


Old Model 67 Winchester


Dad at the Battle of Midway


A quote by Calvin Coolidge