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What I know, I know well, what I want to know, I try to learn well, despite those who would rather I didn't. And from here on, I think I'll keep some of what I know, to myself. And we're approaching the time, that "some" will be changed to "most".

Ice out is debatable

Yes debatable,    We have , the river on the evening of the 28th,  some holes,  but still pretty much iced in.  Then the Morning of the 30th.  In the second picture you’ll notice a bunch of ice flows,  one containing someone’s dock ladder.

HPIM0636HPIM0641These Ice flows are BIG,  THICK, and HEAVY.   They consist of the ice that was left against the Seawalls when the river melted out in the center.   They are now breaking loose and flowing out.  They quite oftem spin sideways and due to their length block the river and cause Ice Jams.

We`ve had nothing like a few years ago when the ice damned up the river after heavy meltoff and rain, then nearly flooded downdown and everyone down river of town.  This ladder is the only dock piece I’ve seen going down river this year.  On a bad year we see large complete docks rolling down the river,  being smashed by complete tree’s rolling with them.


At any rate,  I lost my bet,  the ice broke up in front of the house, and most of it will be gone by April 1st,  but the river will not yet be safe for navigation at that time,  and the Bay won’t either.


March 28th ice

It was 15 degrees last night, and it hasn’t been above freezing for at least 36 hours, it’s supposed it hit 15 degrees again tonight.  The river ice up town has moved back upriver to the bridge and there’s a beginning of a small ice jam there.  That’s close to a mile of ice between here and open river.  (The Bay is still frozen for miles around the river mouth)

I’m sticking with “after April first for ice out” !

Note:  we weren’t here for ice out last year, (in was in April), but in 2013, it went out on March 25th.

Note 2:  5pm  March 28th, I guess I’ve been wrong before.   It’s 34 degrees, and there are open holes in the river.  We’re not calling open water until it’s open all the way across, but that just might happen tonight.



It’s old news but,

I heard a couple of weeks ago that a major news organization in New York,  has stated that “Blogging is Dead”.   Well,  there might be some evidence of that.  I  have slowed way down on Blogging,  and closed down a couple of Blogging projects.  (Mostly because I have other things to do)

But overall,  I think it was wishfull thinking on their part.  Blog’s still get the real and true news,  much sooner that the boob tube.  So, just to help prove them wrong,  I decided to post tonight.

Oh,  and by-the-way,  I have a bet going,  that the AuGres River will still be iced over on April 1st, 2015.  Info on that:   There is about 1 foot of ice on the edge of the river against our seawall,  I have no idea how thick it is out in the middle of the river,  but it’s starting to look kind of rotten.  I wouldn’t try to walk across the river tomorrow the 27 of March.  On the other hand,  the river is open down to under the bridge and through the Marina in town.

March 27th  ICE!

March 27th ICE!

It’s still cold!

It’s still to cold to venture outside much,  and I seem to be getting a bit of a sore throat, But,   I think I noticed something on my desk that may help with that.

And I found something I like to do with Dad’s old Model 8 Remington.  Probably cheaper than buying a new Scout Rifle.  That magazine holds 6000 grains of .35 cal. lead.