About Greybeard

What I know, I know well, what I want to know, I try to learn well, despite those who would rather I didn't. And from here on, I think I'll keep some of what I know, to myself. And we're approaching the time, that "some" will be changed to "most".

what is going on with new gun quality control??

I’ve purchased or won three new guns in the last year.  A Benelli 20 gauge pump, a Remington 770 in .308, and a Ruger 45/22 .22 caliber pistol.  None of the three of them were functional when I got home.  The Benelli had to be sent back to the factory TWICE!  Before it would function.  The Remington had  two separate problems,  ( I won it, not bought it). I found how to fix the most serious problem on YouTube, but returned it with the other problem still intact.      I traded it for the new Ruger.  Today I own a non functional Ruger pistol.  It needs to go back to the gunsmith/dealer, before it can be fired. (About  a 75 mile drive)  Benelli, Remington, and Ruger!  What ever happened to quality control??  Or for that matter checking out a gun before you sell it??

it’s just Minty

The move from windows xp to Linux Mint is coming along very nicely.  My biggest fears , the transfer of my finacincial data to Linux, turned out to be a snap. Only one of my programs didn’t have a Linux application, but it only took a few minutes to download “Wine” to the Linux box and fireup my obscure but occasionally important program.

Over all I’m pretty happy with the move, I should have done it years ago.  My desktop machine is faster, cleaner, and much safer than it’s been in years.

NOTE:  I don’t “game” on my computer devices anymore, that might have made a difference in my opinion.

Jeep? Jeeps :-)

So maybe I’m reliving my younger years,  but I not only bought the Red Jeep that I have previously mentioned,  but now I’ve bought a second Black Jeep.  They are both Wrangler YJ’s,  not the CJ-3 and CJ-5 of my younger years,  but they still look like Jeeps,  and drive like Jeeps. (more that can be said of some of the newer models)  The Red is a 1995 and the Black is a 1992.

The Red is an Automatic trans,  and the Black is a 5 speed stick, with a 4 inch lift kit.






Both have the 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine,  which is a little peppier than the L-4 in my old CJ-3,  but nothing comparable to the V-8 in my CJ-5.  “Black” is a standout in Michigan, because it has almost ZERO body and frame rust.  I was getting comfortable with “RED”, until I ran into “Black” up at “NortherThan”.   It was black like my old CJ-5,  it had a stick shift,  and a 4 in. lift kit.  I couldn’t resist.

Now I own two Jeeps.  I’ve pretty much got both of them  fixed up and ready to go,  Both have under 80,000 miles,  new radiators, brakes,  and both have good tires,  though “Black” is going to get a bigger set soon. OH,  and “RED” has a nearly new soft top.   I suppose when I get around to it,  I’ll have to sell “Red”.  It would make someone a  good around town jeep,  and/or a good trail riding machine.  If you’re interested,  keep an eye out here.  http://nmi.craigslist.org/cto/4661565773.html


I have a bunch of parts to put on “Black” when we get back to NortherThan.  It needs some fine tuning on the rear hatch, a new clutch master cylinder cap,  bigger tires, a new 12v power plug, and a good trail tool kit,  but, we should be on the trails a few days after we get back.  Oh yeah,  and I also have to take that silly aftermarket air conditioner off of it. (what a joke).

Mate is running

It took a couple of tries but Linux 17 Mate is now running on my old HP workhorse.  Still running along side of XP until I get used to it,  but XP’s day’s are definitely numbered.  It’s been a long run with Microsoft,  but “times,  they are a changin’”.

Mate Update

I’ve got the Mint 17 Mate disk and it runs fine from disk, so I guess it`s  just a matter of when I get the time to update this old HP box.  The from disk version runs as fast as XP so I’m thinking the the HD install will be pretty quick.

On other tech. issues,  I’ve learned that my big TV does NOT have an open HDMI slot in the back(or the front).  So It appears that I can’t stream video from my Kindle Fire or my Xoom to it.  (DARN!)   But I did learn that my old “WII” box will pull down Amazon Prime Video, (Cool!)   I also learned that Direct TV will not work with me on the price,  they’re sticking with the $100 bill a month thing, for local channels and a few other networks that we watch.  (of course they include about 200 other absolute JUNK channels for the C-note,  but that just ain’t gonna get it.) The Antennae Web website say’s we can get a whopping 2 over the air channels, (1 is public broadcasting).  So it’s looking like it’s gonna be Internet TV , channel 5 and channel 19 for us. (Thanks a bunch Uncle Sam!!!!)  Charter is the only other choice and they’re not offering any deals either.  The $99 a month special with Charter,  turns out of cost $150 a month for all three services,  (phone, TV, Internet).  That’s about $15 less that I’m currently paying,  but not enough to make the switch.  (and there’s the principle of the thing, $99 should mean $99)   If I wasn’t so tired of messing with these rip-off artists,  I might have fallen for the $15 savings,  but those day’s are long gone.

Mint Mate 17

Since I couldn’t get Mint Cinnamon to work correctly on the XP box, I contacted tech. Support and they suggested I use Mint Mate 17,  thinking that my video card isn’t up to snuff.  The Mate 17 disk is now in the mail.  I also have the option of updating the video card, but first I’ll see how I like “Mate”.

My other tech issue is it’s time to dump Direct TV!  $100 a month for TV is killing me!(that’s without any premium channels).  The big problem is , we get basically nothing on an over the air antennae.  I’m looking at Amazon prime, but I’m running into initial problems getting it onto the big TV.  Same goes for Hulu and the others,  I guess I’ll pull the big job out tomorrow and see if it has an empty hdmi port in the back, it doesn’t have one in front.