No longer blacked out, just kind of “stunned”

I’ve brought back a lot of my old posts,  and have been trying to add new posts on a regular basis,   but,  they seem to be few and far apart don’t they?

The number of views I’m getting has dropped off to almost nothing.  (Which doesn’t really bother me)

But back to the few and far between,   I think it’s kind of like  “the deer in the headlights” syndrome.  Yeah,  there is so much stupidity and ignorance in the media and online these days,  I think I’m just stunned.  I hear so many mind numbing statements from so many sources,   that I’m in a perpetual state of stunned disbelief.  I can’t think of any words that have a chance of convincing  people who believe so strongly in evil and deciet,  how wrong they are.

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