2006 Ursa Major Reserva Rioja

A wine review:  Opened a 2006 Ursa Major Resrva Rioja (from Spain).  We aerated it into a large decanter and let it naturally come up to room temperature.  Then sipped small amounts out of a large  open stemless wine glass.  Now understand, I’m not a professional wine taster, but I have tasted a lot of wines, and I know what I like.

This was one of the best reds I’ve had lately.  The nose was incredible!  Our untrained senses perceived sweet tobacco, blackberry, and a hint of oak.  In the mouth , it was much the same, slightly dry, with explosions of flavor.  I not a photographer either,  but here’s a picture of the label.

A classic wine selection

A classic wine selection

I have to thank my friends at WTSO for offerring this jewel at a price I could afford.

I will also note that there were two of us,  males,  in agreement about this wine.  Of the two females one said,  “pretty good” and the other,  “It’s not something I’d normally drink”.  People like,  what they like.


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