Sold one, ordered another

The Glock is gone.  It was a good gun,  but I just didn’t need it anymore.  I hope it’s new owner get’s good usage out of it.  When I dropped off the Glock,  there was a Ruger 22/45 sitting on the gunsmith’s desk waiting for a repair.   I had seen them online and thought that it would be nice to have one.  Since they are a .22 long rifle handgun  designed to operate and feel like a 1911,  I figured it would be a low cost way to practice,  rather than always burning .45’s in my Sig 1911.  Since  I had the opportunity to handle the gun,  I like it,  and I had the cash for the Glock,  I went ahead and ordered one.


This is it,  but with wood grips,  I  hope.   It seems that it was backordered.  :-(    I had heard that there was  a shortage of everything gun,  but this was my first first hand experience with it.  There was no word when it will be available,  but hopefully not too long.


In the second pictue is the new aluminum framed 22/45 Lite,  with it’s 4.5 inch barrel, (a very good match for my Sig).


In the third picture,  you can see the difference between the standard Ruger MK3’s grip and that of the 22/45’s.


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