Pension and Social Security woes

Today I got the final piece of information and my switch from the GM pension,  to the reduced GM pension and Social Security.  ( I won’t go into how much it disturbs me when some of the  pensioned folks that talk about GM’s pension being to high,  don’t get a reduced company pension after social security starts) 

Anyway,  the bottom line is,  starting the 1st of March my GM pension get’s cut by half,  then at the end of March I get a Social Security check to make up the difference.   Now,  I don’t want to complain to hard,  because I am grateful that I’m getting those pension checks.  I worked hard for 40 years and paid into both of the pension funds,  so,  don’t give me any of that entitlement crap,  my pensions are bought and paid for,  but that won’t stop some people from trying to take them away.

Anyway,  if you’re in the same situation that I’m in,  you’ll understand my concern.   When your living day to day on your pension,  (and gradually spiraling downward finacially),  it’s a bit of a slap in the face when the bean counters, strip 15% out of your monthly income,  (even if it’s only for one month).

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