Learning about the Constitution

Yes,  I am learning quite a bit from taking online courses at Hillsdale College.

A sort of “light went on” when I realized that all the hype on the news about Congress and the Senate not working together,  is just that,  HYPE!   Get a clue,   they’re not supposed to work together,  The President isn’t supposed to work with the Senate,  the Senate isn’t supposed to work with Congress,  and the Supreme Court Justices aren’t supposed to work with any of them!!!   That’s the way our government is designed (by the Constitution) to work,  It’s Called,  “Checks and Balances“.    We have “Checks and Balances” built in,   so    no one,  or two of those groups can become Tyrants,  and so the majorities can’t  become Tyrants over the minorities.

It appears to me,  that our current political problems come from the President and the Senate being to closely aligned,   and to a lessor degree the alignment of the Congress and the Supreme Court.   If either side can pull the other fully to their way of thinking,  making 3 of the 4 branches of government fully aligned,  (THE PARTY LINE) they will have very nearly succeeded in defeating the purpose of our founding fathers.   This should be watched very closely,  we are playing with the “Fires of Hell”.  I believe we are at a point,  where the Constitution should be studied and adhered to religiously.


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