Who say’s the water’s down in Lake Huron?

Still running dark on 922 posts,  but I wanted to post these as a physical record:   The water in Northern Saginaw Bay is down at least 3 ft,  maybe more,   regardless of what those in power are reporting!!!!   The far right is my seawall.  The water was 1.5 to 2 ft deep at the seawall last summer and has been as high as 4.5 ft deep on the seawall.  Left and center are the muddy shorelines of Saginaw Bay,  near the AuGres Boat launch.   These were taken during a very calm week in NOV. 2012,  with 0-1 foot waves.  Also note that the river was dredged to six feet last summer and there are today,  areas that measure 2 feet!!


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