Another still here

Again, I’m posting to say “I’m still here”.  This time recovering from another heart catheter.  Two more blockages, two more stents.  Again, no symptoms.  I am am thankful for the lack of symptoms, (pain) but it makes problems kind of hard to diagnose for my doc.

The best part of it is, I had the hospital trip now, so I should be able to enjoy another good color season this fall.  (From the Jeep, that is)

may 31st high water!

The water is Higher than it’s been since we moved here.   (Not nearly record high, but high for us).  I’m going to have to figure a different way to install my dock,  but then with the big boat gone, I don’t really need the same setup.  The high water is causing  lots of problems with docks, both on the big water and on the river.  North of town, quite a few docks were damaged today, and a few docks on the river were underwater.

still around

I’m still around.  I guess this post is to prove it.

Been spending a lot of time in the north.  The mosquito’s don’t seem to be to bad up there, but the ticks are everywhere. We’ve had pretty good luck using permethrin spray on our clothes and eucalyptus sprays on our bodies,  but we have to be vigilant.  I even spray the underside and floorboards of my Jeep!

snow on the ground May 6th

We just returned from Sturgeon River Valley in North Michigan.  North of Gaylord, there was still snow on some of the west facing slopes,   and on the shaded curves in the Sturgeon river, there were ledges of ice that was still at least six inches thick.  May 6th, 2015.  Sorry no pics, but I don’t normally carry a camera in the Jeep.  I guess maybe I’ll start.


From. What I’ve seen and heard, the Walleye are back.   I’ve seen a number of nice ones taken from the river,  and heard that people are catching limits out in the shallows on the Bay..  Maybe the fishing damage from the dredgings is starting to wear off.  It’s about time!

Plus the water levels are higher than I’ve seen them in years.  Rising water levels in Lake Huron are WAY over due!   I guess all it took, is for me to sell my boat. :-(


Open Saginaw Bay

Saginaw Bay is completely open (at least a far as I can see from a mile straight east from the mouth of the AuGres River.  We took the SportCraft out on a presale sea trial last weekend and saw it first hand.

And on that note, thanks to Craigslist, the SportCraft is sold.  It will be finding a new home in Ohio and Lake Erie. It’s another life change for me.  I doubt I’ll every own a boat like that again.  I’ll miss the boating\fishing adventures, but it’s time, there are other things I want to do, and a boat is to big of a time\money drain on the time and money I have left.