It’s still cold!

It’s still to cold to venture outside much,  and I seem to be getting a bit of a sore throat, But,   I think I noticed something on my desk that may help with that.

And I found something I like to do with Dad’s old Model 8 Remington.  Probably cheaper than buying a new Scout Rifle.  That magazine holds 6000 grains of .35 cal. lead.



Still dangerously cold

I’m convinced that if we get anymore “Global Warming”  we’re going to go BANKRUPT from heating costs,  OR,   we’re all going to Freeze to Death!

A little backround on where my thoughts come from:

*It’s been below 10 degrees for over a week.   *We’re keeping two furnaces going to keep the house at 66 degrees.  * It was -26 below here last night,  and -29 below in Wolverine. * It hit -39 below in Wolverine at least twice last year.  *I’ve been frostbit twice in two winters.  A bottle of wine,  froze and broke,  while chilling on our porch,  in about 45 minute.

Oh,  and I’m not even taking “wind chill” into consideration.

frostbite again?

This time I don’t even know when my toes got bit..  It’s not as bad as the first time, but it sure seems like frostbite.  The cuticles of the toes on both feet and a couple of fingers feel like they’ve been flash burned and the toe that was the worst last time has a small  blister and is very red.  I’m already very tired of winter!

jokes on me

Here I sit, still thinking of rooted Xoom’s and samba or NFS access to the old snap server.

The SnapServer:  I set up an old XP box I had laying around.  Very limited internet access,  but it works great to access the snap server and work on the Xoom over the USB cable.  I’m still plunking around with Linux access to the snap, but no celebration yet.

The Xoom: I’ve spent days reading the forums, and typing in the command console.  NOTHING WORKS, the articles I read on the forums (that’s XDA, XOOM, and DroidLife), just don’t work.   Finally a light went on.  I started looking at the dates on each post.    It seems like that at about the time the “developers” started getting the idea they could charge for the knowledge they had,  critical pieces of their old posts began to dissapear.

Now, I don’t have any sort of problem with people charging for their services.  But, I’m a little ticked about the way they went about it.  Rather than steathily removing critical parts parts of the instructions, they could have removed the total  instruction andreplaced it with an ad for their new service.  Instead the typical user spends days or more trying to get the shitty instructions to work, before search and finding the (for pay) service that fulfils their current desires.

Burned to the point that I’ll probably  give up on updating the Xoom.  It’s JELLYBEAN for me.

Xooms and Snap Servers

Found something to do during the Cold Weather.  I”ve spent most of the last week working on an old Snap Server,  and my Xoom tablet.

The Snap server has everything that my previous PC running Windows XP,  ever backed up on it.  Lot’s of pictures and music,  and a few really good essays and other articles.  Since XP went by the wayside,  I’m now running Linux Mint 17.  I’m pretty happy with it,  but I wanted to connect the Snap Server so I could pull down some music, and view/print pictures.  Well,  it seems that it pretty much can’t be done.   I worked on it for days.  I tried Samba, NFS, FTP,  and a few others.   What ever I do,  I can’t seem to get rights to the files.  I can see them,  but not manipulate them.   A final forum post,   pointed out articles stating (pretty much) that what I’m trying to do is not possible.  (Round 1 to the Snap Server) (but then EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE)

So I took up the idea of updating my Xoom to Android 4.4.4.   It seems that Google, and Motorola dropped the Xooms at 4.1.2,  and have never looked back.  Well,  on the XDA forums there are tons of folks happily running every version of Android known to man on their Xooms.  I went through every method I could find on the forums that was well documented,  and nothing works at this time.   All of the instructions move away from my reality at some point.  Could be my Xoom is a weirdo,  or missing some critical files, or who knows.  BUT,  I’ve wasted nearly 3 days trying,  and I’m pretty much done (until someone post’s an good answer to my beg requests on the forums)

There’s also the article I read yesterday stating that Updates to Android have pretty much become useless.  It stated that after version 4 of the Android OS,   everything else has been a trivial update,  and the Google is including most of what’s in them,  in it’s app updates.  So I’m going to break my normal practice, and let Google have their way with my Xoom and see what they can come up with.  If I don’t like it,  I’ll just wipe it back to factory defaults and start over.

P.S.  And If you’ve heard about the Ghost exploit on Linux,  be advised that Ghost only works on Pre-version 14 versions of Mint and Ubuntu.