Xooms and Snap Servers

Found something to do during the Cold Weather.  I”ve spent most of the last week working on an old Snap Server,  and my Xoom tablet.

The Snap server has everything that my previous PC running Windows XP,  ever backed up on it.  Lot’s of pictures and music,  and a few really good essays and other articles.  Since XP went by the wayside,  I’m now running Linux Mint 17.  I’m pretty happy with it,  but I wanted to connect the Snap Server so I could pull down some music, and view/print pictures.  Well,  it seems that it pretty much can’t be done.   I worked on it for days.  I tried Samba, NFS, FTP,  and a few others.   What ever I do,  I can’t seem to get rights to the files.  I can see them,  but not manipulate them.   A final forum post,   pointed out articles stating (pretty much) that what I’m trying to do is not possible.  (Round 1 to the Snap Server) (but then EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE)

So I took up the idea of updating my Xoom to Android 4.4.4.   It seems that Google, and Motorola dropped the Xooms at 4.1.2,  and have never looked back.  Well,  on the XDA forums there are tons of folks happily running every version of Android known to man on their Xooms.  I went through every method I could find on the forums that was well documented,  and nothing works at this time.   All of the instructions move away from my reality at some point.  Could be my Xoom is a weirdo,  or missing some critical files, or who knows.  BUT,  I’ve wasted nearly 3 days trying,  and I’m pretty much done (until someone post’s an good answer to my beg requests on the forums)

There’s also the article I read yesterday stating that Updates to Android have pretty much become useless.  It stated that after version 4 of the Android OS,   everything else has been a trivial update,  and the Google is including most of what’s in them,  in it’s app updates.  So I’m going to break my normal practice, and let Google have their way with my Xoom and see what they can come up with.  If I don’t like it,  I’ll just wipe it back to factory defaults and start over.

P.S.  And If you’ve heard about the Ghost exploit on Linux,  be advised that Ghost only works on Pre-version 14 versions of Mint and Ubuntu.

“Life’s Adventures” updated

I updated my little Amazon ebook titled “Life’s Adventures”.  I added in most of the stuff I had written for my first full sized book.  It turns out that writing a book is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.  I don’t mind the work,  but the time,  more and more gets to be a limited commodity.  If you own the book (all 3 of you), you can get the updated version by visiting Amazon.com and the “manage your content page”.   I think you just find the book in your content,  then redeliver it.

NOTE:  It may not be that easy cause I had a heck of  time getting my copy to update.  You want Version 3.

You can find “Life’s Adventures Here”

The mostly true, short stories currently included are:

  • The Charter Captain
  • Once upon a Time
  • Uncle Billy
  • The Slaver Mansion by Beaver Lake
  • A Southern Boy
  • The Story of Sputnik,  the dog.
  • A Grampa Story






Internet Michigan Sales Tax BOOOOOO!

I heard the other day that our wonderful state government has voted to add an Internet Sales tax on all purchases made over the Internet from Michigan.  NOTE:  They only what to punish Michigan residence for using the Internet.  I think this great new law goes into effect on the 1st of 2015.   The effects this will have?

* It’s supposed to make the state millions of dollars in tax money.  Which will likely be sqaundered away  like our other hard earned tax dollars.

*It will definately cut back on the business online companies do in Michigan.

*It add’s just one more avenue for the state and the feds  to get their sneaky little hands into our pockets.

As for me,  I will weigh the costs of all purchases after Jan. 1st.,  and if I can’t save a few bucks on the Internet.  I will either not buy,  or wait until I can find it locally.

Gmail new is Not better!

I’ve been using Gmail since it’s beginning.  When they did the big update, I hated it, and forced my android devices back to the old version.  Since then I’ve been cruising happily along, until I got tricked into updating the app.  With the current update it appears that I can’t force it back to the older version.  So,,  I guess I’m in the market for a new email client.  Or I guess I could just use the web version, like I do on my PC.